Left in the Dust


Stuck back in the corner

Left high on the shelf

Forgotten in closets

Laid down and left

All though the house

Cleaners they came

Pulled these items out

Called them by name.

Dust gathered thick

From weeks of non-use

Layers of grime

An items abuse

Shaken and dusted

Cleaned up again

Items perhaps useful

Again by man.


All through the heart

The light of Christ came

Revealing the secrets

Calling the game

Hidden one thought

Out of sight out of mind

Covered by layers of lies

Bought from blinded mankind

Exposed and called forth

Seen as God sees the heart

The truth is read

Right and wrong pull apart

Everyone has dirt

All households have grime

Sometimes we need help

Sometimes we need time


From the corners

Off the shelves

Closets buried deep

Good things are left

Like joy and laughter

Prayer and peace

Kindness, gentleness

Storms called to cease

God’s Word, reminders

Strength for the day

Sonshine and power

When He made the way

Released by His presence

Called by His voice

Find all within you

Make Him your choice.


We all sin

We all fall down

We all mess up

We all go round

Jesus came though

For you and for me

To cleanse us all

From the Enemy

Hear as He calls

Your name He speaks

Waiting an answer

Will you make the break

Come to the cross

Lay your burdens down

Be cleansed of the stain

In your life He found.

    d,f,a,v, 6/23/14



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