To You I Pray


El Hayyay – God of My Life

    To You I offer my praise

    To You I appeal for an audience

    To You I owe this very day.

Elohei Ma’uzzi – God of My Strength

    To You I cling and grasp

    To You I hold through the storm

    To You I tether, lock and crasp.

El Sali – God, My Rock

    To You I offer gratitude

    To You I’ve ground my life

    To You I ask what to do.

Jehovah El Elyon – The Lord, the Most High God

    To You I bow my soul

    To You I prostrate my pride

    To You I pray for friend and foe.

Jehovah Jireh – The Lord Will Provide

    To You I bring my needs

    To You I ask for deliverance

    To You I try to heed.

Elohei Tehillati – God of My Praise

    To You I praise Your being

    To You I offer me freely

    To You I come while singing.

Jehovah Rapha – God our Healer

    To You I lift my thorns

    To You I plea for healing

    For in You I am reborn.

O Holy God,

Mighty God,

Sustainer God,

Beginning and The End.

        d.f.a.v. 6/13/14

There is always prayer,


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