From the Cottage by the Sea 3:55 a.m.


Woke up this morning
There she sat
Watching me while I slept…
Quiet little girl
With big brown eyes
Pain in them she didn’t disguise…
She’s hung around me
For as long as I know
A part of me this child did grow…
How did she get left
When the journey began
Was saving her not the plan?
Silently we wept
For the price paid
If memories could fade…
Hard thing to do
Face the child
In the room where filed…
Her deepest hurt
Her guiet shame
Account held in her name…
Wise ole’ soul
In a body young
Heart’s song finally sung…
No condemnation
Do I from her see
A final gift for me…
Child freed woman
Woman nurtured child
Peace arrives sweet and mild.
In the beginning
When God grew the tree
One day destined for Calvary…
He also planned
For this very hour
Holy Spirit to work it’s power…
Another box emptied
From this tomb
Turned into a womb…
Years or minutes
Seconds to squeeze
In God we can be freed.
               d.f.a.v. 6-12-12

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