Round Seeds in Square Fields


Most things, at least some things, in life

    You don’t get to choose –

    Your birthday,

    Your gender,

    Your death day,

    Or your DNA.

Though man has decided

    To engineer such things

    Then they decide your birthday,

    Then they decide your gender,

    Then they decide your death day,

    Even your “perfect DNA”.

So, some things in life

    You don’t get to choose.


Sometimes there’s even more

    Beyond your initial control

    Like your family,

    Like your wealth,

    Like your eye color,

    Or like your hometown.

Many times your parents

    Didn’t get the choice either

    Of vocation,

    Of education,

    Of hometown,

    Or parental family.

So lots of round seeds get planted

    In square fields.


One thing in life

    Is always your choice

    Accept yourself,

    Accept your good & bad,

    Accept Jesus’,

    And follow Him on.

Then things in life

    The important things you find

    Like sprouting,

    Like becoming,

    Like growing,

    Beyond square fields expectations.

So if you’re a round seed

    Planted in a square field

    My best advice?

    Choose Jesus,

    Let His plan

    Determine your bloom

        In the world’s square fields.

            d.f.a.v. 6-10-14

Jeremiah 29:11,

Regardless of your seed shape,

Regardless of your field shape!


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