From the Cottage by the Sea 6-9-14


Good morning Abba Father!
What a glorious morning Abba
The rain is pouring down
Can’t see the ocean waves
Though I know they are there.

Thunder rolls as lightening strikes
A vivid electrical show
The roar of ocean waters
Storm and natures power show
And I see beauty in this gift.

Not every day You’ve deemed
To be sun kissed skies aglow
Days filled with vivid colors
Are not guarantees I know
But each day has its beauty.

It’s not always easy Lord
To see the beauty in the storms
The ones in our lives themselves
Rend our spirits tossed and torn
Yet the sun is there somewhere.

It is above these threatening clouds
Waiting for the clouds to part
For the storm to roll on past
For us to open our hearts
When blinded eyes can again see,

The rainbow arched across the sky
The blue skies freshly scrubbed
The treasures strewn on the sand
In the heart the tears have showed
Yes, above the storm, the sun shines.

Paul wrote to the Romans in 8:28
That all things work together for good
For those who love the Lord
Something man hasn’t always understood
About the storms in life.

Sometimes the good is in the storm
The beauty and power on display
Sometimes it’s in what’s produced
When rain cries “No more dismay”!
Or the treasures the storm uncovers.

Good morning Lord I offer You
My heart, my spirit, my soul
You are alive in this wild storm
In it, it’s You I can learn to know
Before the storm has passed on by.
               d.f.a.v. 6-9-14
Let it Be!

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