Craving to be Like Christ

Fulfill in me the craving to love with Your heart,
     all of mankind as You do
     Never giving up on all of us
     Making us worthy when we are not
     Still willing to carry us through–
Fulfill in me the craving to see with Your eyes
     a hurting child inside angry man
     Beautiful souls that are buried deep
     Loneliness that drives our needs
     Our need for You that ever expands–
Fill my craving to hear with Your ears
     Children drowning in abandoned tears
     A woman’s faith who stands alone
     Man’s cries when he goes to strike
     This hurting world beneath our fears–
Fill my craving to feel with Your touch
     Wounds beneath the ugliest scars
     Brokenness hidden by damaging pride
     Loneliness driving bad decisions
     The beating heart of who we are–
Fulfill my craving to know as sure as You
     Historical truth of humanity
     Certainty of the God You are
     That tomorrow will be if You will
     No truer home but with You through eternity–
Fulfill these cravings though all of this I might possess
     Your love is purer and always grows
     You are who You’ve always been
     You are who You always are
     You are always Jehovah, this that I know.
                   d.f.a.v. 6-4-14

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