Tale of Two Books

Two books in two homes did live
The original contents just the same
Both from the very same store
Within them both so much to give.

Two different women purchased them
Same intentions in their hearts
Both took them home that very day
Read them and prayed to Him.

Twenty plus years now have passed
Both books you would recognize
One is in terrific condition
The pages crisp the gold leaf has lasted.

The other book is showing it’s age
The spine is cracked the leather worn
The cover bent and faded too
Underlined passages on nearly every page.

Notes are written in the margins too
Pencil, ink and highlighted verses
Tears it’s pages have even stained
Answers sought, what to do.

Two books in two homes did exist
But one book truly was alive
The other book’s light flickered once
It’s owner it’s riches truly missed.

Is there a Bible in your home
Does it lay undisturbed but well preserved?
Or does it reveal your consistent use
As here on earth you do roam?
               d.f.a.v. 6-3-14

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