From the Cottage by the Sea 6-3-14



Abba Father,

I think I have the right You know

To hold on to these accounts of debt

Where people have hurt me

Slandered me

Betrayed me

Harmed me

Slammed me…

This bin full of stones I am entitled to…


It’s not the same as the woman accused

Of committing sin and brought to You

I don’t seek You to judge them

Destroy them

Slay them

Harm them

Hurt them…

I’ve a right to these rememberances…


Put I admit I’ve set myself to be

The accuser, the jury and the judge

It’s my right to pick up this stone

Throw it

Sling it

Fling it

Slam it…

For they have hurt me horribly…


What’s that You write in the sand

There at Your feet a message for me

Yes stoning may be within my rights

But of my sins

My sins

My sins

My sins…

Your right is to condemn me to hell…


Instead though You chose to die for me

Long ago on a cross at Calvary

Your death set this sinner free

You forgave

You forgave

You forgave

You forgave…

Help me also Lord, to forgive…

        d.f.a.v. 6-3-14




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