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Is it Hard?


It’s hard to be honest

In a world where honesty

    Is considered weak.

It’s hard to be yourself

In a world where who

    You are is weird.

It’s hard to be vocal

In a world where your message

    Isn’t welcome.

But…it’s not impossible.

Daniel and his friends

Were honest about their intentions

    No lion bite for them.

Ruth was a Moabitess

An outcast among the Hebrews

    Yet she won Boaz’s heart.

Jesus spoke God’s message

Upsetting priests and Pharisees

    He spoke it anyway.

God’s right is His might.    

    d.f.a.v. 6/29/14


From the Cottage by the Sea 6-25-14


Abba Father:

Woke up this morning ready for the day

I had one thought upon my mind

You and what Your Word had to say.


Took out our “conversation” journal

Opened it and Bible took out my pen

Heart set on things eternal.


My sister had a crisis needed a caring ear

Towels wait for me to fold

Limited is my time alone here.


A poem for a birthday had to be composed

Or tomorrow I’d start out behind

This one thing more I supposed.


Our daughter needed my attention

Could we snuggle for a while?

She needed some one on one connection.


My husband wanted to talk budget

A conversation that took a while

As the two of us and our impossibilities met.


By now Lord I’m just wore out

Simply cannot stay awake much more

“I must have rest” my body shouts.


Then supper plans must be laid

Laundry there is still to do

And Chapter 7 needs attention paid.


Thirteen long hours since I rose

With the best of intentions

To start with You I propose.


Then a sight brings tears to my eyes

When our quiet time things I find

My decisions today, they weren’t wise.


Though I plea for forgiveness, sincere

While we at last communicate together

And I know You were always near.


How much calmer might my day have been

If I’d kept You in place number one

Instead of the push of some race to win?


In the dark as I wait for sleep

Thinking about this long, long day

How need after need did creep.


Not one thing that I’d stopped to do

Was a silly or unneeded thing

Sadly though I’d put them before you.


A wiser sister I could have been

A more connected mom

And a more helpful spouse back then,


If I’d but kept our divine appointment

Spent prayer and praise time with You

There would have been no disappointment.


Tomorrow Lord, if You see fit

The sun will brilliantly arrive

Please help me then not to forget


To start my day out with You

Regardless of the tasks and needs

That life brings for me to do.


For I never would want You to say

“O Child I meant to start with you

Please understand I had things to do.”

        -d.f.a.v. 6-25-14




What Do We Say

A teenager comes to you
Bruises on her arm
Dislocated shoulder
It’s not the first time
Her mother did her harm.
You can call social services
Follow all protocol
When she asks why God
Didn’t stop her abuser
Answers seem so small.

On missions overseas
A woman tearfully explains
If she accepts Christ
An infidel a traitor
And worse she’ll be named
Her husband will beat her
He & her father might
Stone her to death
Will God protect her
When rocks pound her tonight?

A man lives in pain
Every single day
Relief never comes
Just why he’s in agony
The doctors can’t say
He hurts so much
He’s losing touch
Answer him one thing
Will God heal him?
He needs it so much.

What do you answer
In situations with such need
You can’t promise rescue
Or protection or discount
God’s power to intercede.
But you don’t have answers
Beyond God gave man free will
And we’re capable of evil
An violence against others
A truth that rages still.

In the entanglement
Of mankind’s affairs
We can be sure
God surely weeps
God does surely care
Man has free will
To do as he may choose
To live with God
As his standard
Or toss it all to lose.

How do you explain
Intense poverty and hunger
Senseless violence or abuse
Needless acts of evil
Painful ends of man’s anger?
How do you answer
Why one cry the tide doesn’t turn
Or a hundred souls
Are violently silenced
And it’s the Bible they burn?

God is alive and well
He’s working everyday
He is not weak
Nor does He forget
The prayers that we pray
The evil in man’s hearts
With free will to reign
Will always cause our questions
Sometimes crush the innocent
Oh so often bring the pain.

It isn’t that God forgets
Or doesn’t send the truth
Or leaves us unprotected
When evil is prevailing
And Satan’s on the loose.
But how He acts
And when He moves
They aren’t our decision
Our choice is to
Trust or not the
Eternity in God’s wisdom.
d.f.a.v. 6-24-14

Left in the Dust


Stuck back in the corner

Left high on the shelf

Forgotten in closets

Laid down and left

All though the house

Cleaners they came

Pulled these items out

Called them by name.

Dust gathered thick

From weeks of non-use

Layers of grime

An items abuse

Shaken and dusted

Cleaned up again

Items perhaps useful

Again by man.


All through the heart

The light of Christ came

Revealing the secrets

Calling the game

Hidden one thought

Out of sight out of mind

Covered by layers of lies

Bought from blinded mankind

Exposed and called forth

Seen as God sees the heart

The truth is read

Right and wrong pull apart

Everyone has dirt

All households have grime

Sometimes we need help

Sometimes we need time


From the corners

Off the shelves

Closets buried deep

Good things are left

Like joy and laughter

Prayer and peace

Kindness, gentleness

Storms called to cease

God’s Word, reminders

Strength for the day

Sonshine and power

When He made the way

Released by His presence

Called by His voice

Find all within you

Make Him your choice.


We all sin

We all fall down

We all mess up

We all go round

Jesus came though

For you and for me

To cleanse us all

From the Enemy

Hear as He calls

Your name He speaks

Waiting an answer

Will you make the break

Come to the cross

Lay your burdens down

Be cleansed of the stain

In your life He found.

    d,f,a,v, 6/23/14



Cottage by the Sea 6-20-14


El Simchath Gili (God My Exceeding Joy),

Woke to find You in my secret room

Waiting patiently, box in hand

Wheeling in with pounding heart I come

Willingly I come, willingly I come…

Though I know what’s in there

The box labeled disability

The pain, the heaviness, the burden

The hardest road felt such a burden…

Memory stirs me of the hospital

Much anxiety and work stress

Making a slow, slow recovery

Maybe really, no recovery…

Echoes “You can’t do this anymore”

Engraved in my memory’s ear

Each point taken so personally

Every no is personal, taken personally…

Loyalty is set aside for this consideration

Long term employment discounted

Little thought to what this will do to me

Little thought, little thought of me…

Decision made against my will

Determination pitted against my hope

Done deal against my need to stay

Devotion dismissed I cannot stay…

This is what You point to me

The struggle so painful so demeaning

This the hardest reality I’ve faced

This the truth of the diagnosis I’ve faced…

Forgiveness, truth need to be faced…

El Simchath Gili return joy to me

El Emunah let me be faithful to You

El Sali on You I will build today

El Rai You have seen me today…

Box is lighter now emptied

Barely any weight to it at all

Bravery You engrained in me

Born in place the joy You give me…

Woke to find You in my secret room

Waiting patiently, box in hand

Wheeling in with pounding heart I come

Willingly I come, willingly I come…

        d.f.a.v. 6/20/14



El Simchath Gili – God My Exceeding Joy
El Emunah- The Faithful God
El Sali – God, My Rock
El Rai- God Seest Me

What Must Occur


Pen to paper

Pencil to napkin

Fingers to keyboard

Some avenue to express

What overruns my heart –


Jeremiah compared God’s Word

To a fire within his very bones*

In a need to tell

So much a need

That I cannot be silent –


Flow forth my children

Dress yourselves to fit

Be your role plain and simple

Or elegant and intellectual

Spread across page or screen –


Dancers must dance

Humor must laugh

Music must sing

So go you my stories and poems

Out to the world to read –


“This is my story

This is my song…”

Wing your way somewhere

Lay yourself on some heart

Point them to Jesus –


Pen to paper

Pencil to napkin

Fingers to keyboard

Some avenue to express

God lives in this writer’s heart.

        d.f.a.v. 6/18/14


*Jeremiah 20:9

Problem with Wordsmiths

The problem with
Poets, writers and fairytale makers
Is never being sure
If what they speak is truth
Or who and what they want
Truth to be.

The problem with
Authors, playwrights and eassaiest
Is never really knowing
If the experiences laid bare
Are theirs to share
Or borrowed from another.

The problem with
One whose craft is words
Molding, rearranging and perfecting
Is the craft defies reality
When the rules mean more
Than the story they tell.

The problem with
All these is that they are me
For to write is to breathe
And I crave for my work
To be read and understood
And to speak truth gently.

The problem with
Being a wordsmith of truth
Is truth is beauty and ugly
Healing and wounding
Sustaining and killing
All with the same words made tools.

The problem with
Using words, symbolism, rhythm
To tell the story
Is that life retold would rather lead
To places more pleasant
Than dark places in man’s soul.

So I pray each day
And I read my words through
The lenses of Holy Scripture
And I try to ignore
All the stats and numbers
To write solely to an audience of One.

The solution to the problem
Is tearing through the rules
Or writing within them in honesty
Whether the piece sells or doesn’t
Is not the measure of success
But God’s approval is.
               d.f.a.v.   6-18-14



Lord, should my life not be

So connected to You

That every aspect,

    Every decision,

    Every facet

Is interlocked with Yours?


Lord, should my life not be

So in tune with You

That every note

    Every beat,

    Every rhythm

Are ones ordained by You?


Lord, should my life not be

So aligned with You

That every thought,

    Every action,

    Every word

Are ones from You, Yourself?


Lord, should my life not be

So knitted with You

That every breath,

    Every movement,

    Every gesture

Are reflections of You?


Lord, should my life not be

So entwined with You

That all I am

    All I will be

    All I hope

Are enmeshed with You?


Lord, should my life not be

So interlocked with You

That every want,

    Every need,

    Every desire

Are solely to live for You?

        d.f.a.v. 6/17/14



The Study of Man

There are those among us
Who would have us believe
That near the beginning of man
Was a monkey in a tree
Or an ape that evolved
Into the man we now see.

There are those among us
That would have us believe
This world was formed by accident
The land and the seas
All from some unexplained
Bang that came to be.

There are those among us
That would have us believe
The height of man’s intelligence
Could control land and sea
Safeguard the world and
Substitute for real integrity.

There are those among us
Who would have us believe
That each of us are god
Born to live life as we please
Be that as good people
Or be that life lived wickedly.

There are those among us
Who believe God loves us all
He gave us free will to choose
Even before mankind’s fall
The opportunity to do right
When our backs against the wall.

There are those among us
Who will never understand
Why Our Father above
Will stoop to lend a hand
To one, as I, unworthy
Of the nailprints in His hands.

Of all those among us
Who would ask we believe
In God the Father. Son, and
The Holy Ghost be to please.
Jesus is the answer always
To whatever question comes today,
d.f.a.v. 6-1~12

To You I Pray


El Hayyay – God of My Life

    To You I offer my praise

    To You I appeal for an audience

    To You I owe this very day.

Elohei Ma’uzzi – God of My Strength

    To You I cling and grasp

    To You I hold through the storm

    To You I tether, lock and crasp.

El Sali – God, My Rock

    To You I offer gratitude

    To You I’ve ground my life

    To You I ask what to do.

Jehovah El Elyon – The Lord, the Most High God

    To You I bow my soul

    To You I prostrate my pride

    To You I pray for friend and foe.

Jehovah Jireh – The Lord Will Provide

    To You I bring my needs

    To You I ask for deliverance

    To You I try to heed.

Elohei Tehillati – God of My Praise

    To You I praise Your being

    To You I offer me freely

    To You I come while singing.

Jehovah Rapha – God our Healer

    To You I lift my thorns

    To You I plea for healing

    For in You I am reborn.

O Holy God,

Mighty God,

Sustainer God,

Beginning and The End.

        d.f.a.v. 6/13/14

There is always prayer,