Latricia, Noble One


She moved among us
Who, of, us really saw her?
She embodied more than her poverty
     or that she and her siblings mother died
     or odd sign painting father
     or even her smell
     it was everything and all.
In the hierarchy of high school popularity
She ranked near the bottom
With few friends but many needs
     like the need to be accepted
     like the need to be heard
     like the same need we all have
     to be loved for who we are
Her life and choices were limited then
Now death has claimed her early
And I’m reminded of unintended cruelty
Hurt dealt in ways we cannot explain
she has found peace at last
peace and rest she so deserved
among those who loved her earlier
this Angel unaware.
d.f.a.v. 5-2o-14
Rest in peace,

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