Instead of who you will fight that you think I am most tired of,
Tell me what you will fight because it’s worth fighting for.
Instead of the waste you’ll cut show me you will spend wisely.
Show me that you will begin to mend bridges instead of burning them.
Show me you are part of God’s family by your works produced by your faith in God.
Prove to me you understand that politics eats ignorance with a gleeful smile.
Give me proof today’s Saint isn’t tomorrow’s Evil to best be avoided.
Anyone can hop on the latest band wagon and beat the drum of discontent,
Can you take up the reigns of the wagon master and lead us over the mountain passage?
Trust and respect must be earned the hard way, not by the words and rhetoric you speak
But by those who are proud to be among the company you keep for your reputation has truth at it’s peak.
d.f.a.v. 5-20-14

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