One Good Day


One day
One good day
Something to hold onto
Thank you El Shaddai!
Glorify your name
Because You show mercy
Thank you Elohe Chaseddi!
Praises to You
You are the real deal
Thank You El Hayyay!
One day
One good day
An island of paradise
Thank You Elohel Ma’Rizzo!
Tonight I sleep
Ready to face what comes
Thank you El Simchath Gili!
One day
One good day
Gives me hope for another
Thank you Jehovah El Elohim!
               d.f.a.v. 5-14-14


El Shaddai:  Mighty Sufficient One, The God of the Mountains, or God Almighty

Elohe Chaseddi: The God of My Mercy

El Hayyay: God of My Life

Elohim Ma’Rizzo:  God of my Strength

El Simchath Gili: God My Exceeding Joy
Jehovah El Elohim:  The Lord God of God’s, the Lord, mighty. Powerful, strong one overall

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