For My Mother

Until Reunion Day Mama!


Born 1945; Died 1999

Christian, wife, mother of three,

daughter, grandmother of four,

great-grandmother of two,

aunt, cousin, employee,


You are loved always.

You are forever missed.


You are here for me on sunny days

When the sunlight shines so bright,

You are here for me in darkest night

When I can’t find my way.


Fifty-four seems such a short time

That God allotted you on this earth,

Now I know that grief is birthed

When our loved one crosses life’s line.


I think of you and your determination

See your smile, feel your touch

Take comfort in your destination

Long to speak to you oh, so much.


The day is coming we’ll be together again

When God allows my time to end

Until that time for no one knows when

I love and miss you, my mother and friend.

–d.f.a.v. 5-9-14


Happy Mother’s Day Mama!




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