Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 5:21 a.m.

Our glorious Father in Heaven
And dweller of human hearts.
You are able to do anything
Can You help me again, to understand?
Because for nearly 48 hours
I’ve been trying to take it apart.

Trying to dissect man’s pain to man.
Wanting a reason for consequences I bear
Of another man’s actions his ignorance or his arrogance.
My heart is aching my soul is bleeding
My mind is reeling from this news
Am I forever trapped in this pain laced snare?

And yes, I admit, my being screams, “Why me?”
How can this be of any glory to You?
What have I done to be forced to undergo this?
Pain, humiliation, deepening disability
The list of losses, cannot’s, will not’s
Show me how this can hold True.

I have promised to go where You lead,
To serve where You have need of me
To use my gifts and talents for Your glory.
How can I be useful in this condition?
How can I witness of Your love stuck here?
Please open my human clouded eyes to see.
Let it be,

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