I Once Knew a Woman…

Once knew a toddler
A lover of words
And books
And color
And creating
And song.

She was not welcome
In her family she was weird
And strange
And different
And targeted
And blamed.

Once knew a child
A keeper of secrets
Of belts
Of beatings
Of pain
Of fights.

She was quickly silenced,
Fast convinced no one believed
Or cared
Or loved
Or saw
Or understood.

Once knew a teen
Who met Jesus
And love
And hope
And joy
And grace.

She was challenged,
Her prayers life would change
Answered no
Answered wait
Answered pray
Answered trust.

Once knew a young lady
Who tried to understand
And cope
And fight
And prove
And fly.

In part, she succeeded,
She left that life behind
And struggled
And fought
And held
And loved.

Once knew a woman
Whose inquiry of God taught her
That toddler
That child
That teen
That young lady

Not only embraced Him but
Learned from Him to forgive
To love more
To pour out
To do no wrong
To be forgiven..

This woman I once knew
Learned to be forgiven she must forgive

Then she and God were at peace.
d.f.a.v. 5-7-14

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