This, That, It, Etc…



This –

This isn’t what I thought it would be –

This –

In my head I never thought much would change –



That –

Never believed then I’d be held captive by –

That –

A silent stalker to my sanity and faith –



It –

Expected it to alter something’s but not that –

It –

Would destroy the world I understood, I bore –



Things –

They’ve just not been what I prepared for –

Things –

Have broken, silenced, mocked, stripped me –



Ending –

Abruptly painfully in an surprise nightmare –

Ending –

My world swept away by an unforeseen hurricane –



Cornerstone –

The shelter of my heart and my life stripped –

Cornerstone –

Buried beneath all the debris and trash –



Jesus –

Never left me forgot me stopped carrying me –

Jesus –

Didn’t change walk away up and leave but stayed –




Rare disease that shredded me its mission destruction –


Fell apart and away and they died rebirth needing endings –


The capstone of my life, love, heart, faith, everything –

Jesus remains.

        d.f.a.v. 5/5/14

For all with crosses to bear,


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