Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 5-2-14

O Sovereign Father:
The tornadoes blew through,
Devastation in their wake.
Ground was so saturated and
Having drunk all it could take.
Then the flood waters boiled over
Like unattended pots on the stove
The banks overflowed devastation
To destruction tightly wove.
O Father these are difficult times
When it’s so hard to understand
Like why earthquakes and mudslides
Hurricanes and droughts join hands.
People lose their lives, homes, families Face the unbelievable tragedy
Some so bitter over a fallen tree
While others lost more & praise Your majesty.
Nature You created is intensified power
Respect natures due but worship belongs to You
You’ve allowed us to understand
How these “acts of God” occur
But the why, is still held by You
And to You I gladly defer
Thank You Jehovah God for Your hand
That protected many including us
Never do I want to become so self-absorbed
That I forget to praise You for Your merciful touch.
d.f.a.v. 5-1-14
Thank You Jesus!

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