God Restores

The pain is teeth grinding.
Every movement,
Every breath,
Every moment of existence,
I weep.

Sometimes to fight is easier,
Keep determined,
Keep faith,
Keep refusing to let go,
I force it.

Other times I plea pitifully,
Stop this,
Stop it,
Stop this direction I’m headed,
I plea relief.

Can man possibly understand,
It’s agony,
It’s messy,
It’s devouring me bit by bit,
I disappear.

Bare bones left in pain,
Still hurting,
Still swept away,
Still, always, in agony,
I go under.

But I am never alone one minute,
God weeps,
God holds me,
God understands my heart,
He never leaves.

Though this valley is dark,
Feels compressed,
Feels stalked,
Feels like the enemy will win,
He is victory.

Though disease may take life,
Strip humanity,
Strip dignity,
Strip me of all of me,
He’s there.

Though Satan means this evil,
God makes good,
God fulfills promises,
God never, ever forgets
Even me.

Whatever your battle, your pain,
Your fight,
Your agony,
Your life’s fragile moment,
God redeems.

The years eaten by locusts,
What’s stolen,
What rusts,
What’s systemically destroyed,
God restores.

I will hold on to His hand,
Though suffering,
Though beaten,
Though physically losing,
He lives.

He lives with me and in me,
No doubts,
No questions,
No turning back now for
Valleys do end.
            d.f.a.v. 4-27-14
Keep fighting,

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