Unfocused words
When used to form bricks
Make poor foundations.
Poorly flung words
Make unreliable cornerstones,
Make broken hearted people.
Some words,
Should never,
Have been invented
Much less used
To build lives upon,
Or to nest in hearts.
Jesus spoke
Loving words,
Contolled words
True words,
Never vulgar words
Even at His crucifixion.
Our words
Must measure
In stronger love
Than the coarse ones
Flung carelessly by the world
Uncaring of the seeds sown.
Our words
Say we are
The same as the world,
Judgmental and even vile,
Mere followers of the crowd.
But we
Are called
To be not
Of this world,
The wise speak truth in love,
Especially to our children’s hearts.
We are
Not called to
Speak before thinking,
Use the worst words
To belittle another
Or imagine we empower ourselves.
          -d.f.a.v. 4-22-14
Choose wisely,

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