Love Will Win


Easter morning 2014 of our Lord
I cannot understand way back
To that first Easter morning
Exactly what it was like…
The record of those events
Are much to flat, so one dimensional
Though exciting and glorious no doubt
It was a road I did not hike…
But it was the crucifixion on Calvary
That made that Sunday morning
Of such importance to all men
So glorious that set me free…
Jesus was not found inside the tomb
Or stolen away in dark of night
Nor gone to Heaven not to be seen
But resurrected for the women to see…
I was not there I cannot know
But for an event to change us still
It must not be some gibberish tale
But the most pivotal moment in history…
The time when Satan’s fate was sealed
The time when others still cut it down
Trying to convince mankind it was a lie
But you cannot silence God’s pure glory…
For from the grave in deaths embrace
Jesus Christ arose as He had proclaimed
The earth sang in glorious praise
On that first Easter day…
There I did not need to be
My faith is upon God’s solid ground
He tells no lies, He does no wrong
He is faithful in deed and all He says.
What’s more important that anything
Is that you too can rest assured
The glories of Christ second coming
Are promised still in his sweet assurance…
That when He returns to Earth a second time
Satan loses his reign of terror
Is cast into Hades forevermore
No more mankind to puppet dance.
        d.f.a.v.  4-20-2014

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