In View of Home


The sun rose this morning
Though dark clouds hid the sky
High above the thunderstorms
Bluer skies pleased the eye
Yet whether it be wet or dry
I will raise my eyes beyond
Where gates of pearl
And streets of gold await
When this earth I bid goodbye.

The sun sinks behind the hills
As the moon begins to climb
Violet, orange. rose and blue
Your brushstrokes delicate and fine
Beauty spoke in graceful rhyme,
Stars pinprick velvet blue
My heart is tuned to only You
Please Dear Lord I look to see
Your face awaiting mine to view
At last at last it is time.

Sun will rise and sun will set
Moon grow pale then bright
Stars twinkle down from the past
Day arrives then welcomes night
A brighter light the Son ignites
The glow of which is always seen
In the hearts of man who choose
To welcome Christ into their heart
And find at last Home fits so right.
d.f.a.v. 4-16-14

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