If I Lived Then

If I lived back then in the time
Jesus physically walked beside
And if I had come to Jerusalem
It’s streets I would run long side
I’d be waving Palm branches
“Hosanna!” I’d shout out loud
Only thoughts of Him I’d have
In that rejoicing, happy crowd.

Today the rumors would hiss
Strange He was this Jesus guy
Claiming He was the Son of God
King of Jews must be in disguise
He wasn’t well liked at the temple
Challenged Pharisees and our ways?
Ate with sinners and loose women?
I’m no longer as sure as yesterday.

It’s Passover Week try to let it go
What’s it to me the priests grief?
Now into the crowd I’ll blend
Turn blind eye to mankind’s mischief.
I’ll keep my counsel to myself
Forget the things Jesus taught,
The status quo isn’t quite so bad
Turn away from the love He brought.

It’s Monday now but Friday comes
Though I see only to this afternoon.
I have no desire to be caught in this
I can ignore this sense of doom.
The rituals of this week I’ll keep
Enjoy the family I rarely see
Focus on the sacraments and rites
After Friday life goes on as it be.
d.f.a.v. 4-14-14


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