What’s Hard to Understand


Freely I admit Lord
There are things I don’t understand.
Like algebra, rodents and pedophiles,
Grace extended when undeserved
Mercy ruling when unreserved
And why bad things happen…

Lord what’s the point of
The really unpredictable
Like tornadoes, earthquakes and floods
Hurricanes with pathways of endless strife
Takes a husband leaves a wife.
And when things happen to the good. 

Lord maybe I don’t get it
Understanding may not be necessary
For faith, hope and charity
Never losing hope in Your sovereignty
Respect for Your amazing majestically
These things are all amazing.

Father the bad in life happens,
Senseless acts of nature and man
The heartaches, sorrows, pain
It will be hard to keep doubt away
To believe Your will does happen anyway…
I need You to help me love endlessly.

                    d.f.a.v. 4-11-14


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