What Have I Done?



All I can think of lately Abba Father,

Is that I have a question for You,

What am I doing for Your kingdom

With whom is it I share You, Father God?

The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker?

The atheist, the agnostic, the doubter?

The seeker, the wanderer, the found?

The hungry, the fed, the gorged?

The imprisoned, the free, the freed?

Who reads these words Abba Father?

What difference do they make precious Lord?

Just who reads these words I’ve written?

Can you tell me what good I am doing for You?
What good are words upon words upon words?

If no one comes to read You in them?

They are mere vanity put out for the world.

Please let them go out into cyberspace

Find a fertile ground ripe for seed to be sown

Let them settle in let Your Son and sky water them

And a harvest come in, in your time, by and by.


Still sowing,


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