Cottage by the Sea at 12:52 a.m.

Abba Father,
Let my heart’s voice join nature’s
     Let there be praise-
     Let there be worship-
     Let there be prayer-
Accept from this creature
     All that she has
     All that she is
     All You made her to be.
Abba, I am hurting greatly-
     I wrestle with hating the pain
     I fight not to despise the chair
     I loathe the limitations.
My dreams mock me silently-
     This half life isn’t enough
     This foot on my neck chafing
     This limbo living annoying
Never did this existence occur to me
     Should I have said no
     Taken my chance on dying
     Rather than a mutilated existence?
What road signs did I fail to see
     Or is there a greater point
     A true kingdom reason
     This is my path?
O Mighty God here am I
     Reveal Yourself thoroughly
     Share my burden please
     Set my feet toward you.
I know I am always in Your eyes
     Remind me every time I falter
     Remind me each time I fall
     Remind me I do not walk alone.
               d.f.a.v. 3/27/14
Always in prayer,

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