If the authenticity of my Christianity
Depended upon how many Bible verses I could quote,
How many hymns I could sing,
How many times a day I prayed,
How often I served others instead of me…
Then I would fail the test.

If the genuineness of my Faith
Is proven by the strength of my will to remain in His,
Whether I’m successful at thinking good,
Discerning good spirits from bad,
Attend church every Wednesday
And twice on Sunday…
I would fail the test.

Should the measuring rod of my Believerhood,
Be every standard in His Word,
Or how closer I am to the fiery furnace,
Or if my feet dangle in the lion’s den
If I am always cheerful…
Then I would fail the test…

If my walk with the Lord needed courage to survive,
Answers to the hard questions,
Lies to never escape my mouth
Bad habits never to form,
Saddness never to darken my heart,
Fear to never block out the Son…
Then I would fail this test…

Yet if the test was did I love Him,
With my imperfect heart, soul, mind,
If in loving Him did I love others
Love others and try to be kind
Show them what His love reveals
If so I may prove how I love Him,
Thus, I may pass the test by His grace.
           -d.f.a.v. 3-26-14

Loving Him,

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