Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 3-20-14

Abba Father:
The sea waves lap calmly against sand
Almost as if playing tag with the rocks
Giving up a bounty of treasures with gentle hand
An easy swaying moves the dock.

I’ve come as close as my wheelchair allows
As the sun peeks on the edge of morning
My soul longs to be emerged somehow
In the presence of You in this time testifying.

It is not enough to be nearly there
You are calling me closer to You by the Sea
Where your spirit can lap gentle on me and chair
Where Your presence lifts me unburdens me.

Heart pines for the lightening horizon
To be in the wave first kissed by today’s sun
Where darkness gives way to light arising
O to be as one with Father, Spirit, Son.

Where this earth events have limited me
I will trust in You to carry me through
Out to the sea where spirit is free
Here am I carry me awake my soul anew.

Emerge me in all You Jehovah God are
Embed me as seamlessly as sea and sky
Graft my soul and heart near and far
Plant my feet on the Rock my spirit to fly.

As sea, sand, wind, waves, sun are one
Woven together for calm or rough times
Weave me into You for eternity’s run
As sea breezes cause chapel bells to chime.

Total immersion carry me there
Your might and power, mercy and grace
Saturate me until I am in You soul bare
Only then can the world see You in my face.
                    d.f.a.v. 3/20/2014
Surrendering all,

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