Cottage by the Sea @ 50

Jehovah God,
Today Lord I am 50 years, 9 months in the making.
50 years ago my mother’s body yielded one wailing daughter
Me…my beginning as a child
Her’s as a mother
Along the way I chose the road I’m taking.

We celebrated the big 5-0 on Sunday and it was good
Today I come here to reflect
Staring out over sea meeting land
Smelling the salt air fill my lungs
The sea wash sandcastles away where they stood.

Time is like this picture perfect sea before me
Washing in, pulling out waves crashing in
Waves turning out
Treasures given up by the depths
If one has patience to walk, wade and see.

I’m this shoreline today as I turn 50
Familiar yet see still fighting
Scattered with the sea’s bounty on shore
How is it I don’t mind the number
As much as I imagined I’d fear 50?

Thank You for the nine months You spent knitting me together,
The 50 years you continue shaping me
Your understanding and compassion
Your tools of gentle correction
This 50 year’s will be with us forever.
                    d.f.a.v. 3/13
–Grateful at 50,

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