Lately Lord have I taken the time with You
To check in about life and what I do?
Have I shared with You what’s going on
Thoughts taking root, those now gone?
Have I wept with You over human brutality
The violence, the wrath, the shockability?
A look at the fabric You weave of my life
Have we shared this lately after storm and strife?
Lately Lord have I just come to You
With heart in my hand overwhelmed with gratitude?
Have I offered my praise to the Living God
The Creator of sky, water and sod?
Have I taken a moment to celebrate
That You, Jehovah God, are never late?
Repented of sin and turned away
Trusting Your strength for a brand new day?
Have I rejoiced in the resilience of faith and hope
As Your children recover and turn to You to cope?
Lately Lord at the end of earth’s daily hours
Have I paused just to listen to what You express by Your power?
Have I poured myself out from the depth of my soul,
Leaving no sin unconfessed, full disclosure the goal?
Have my feet found direction as we’ve talked
Do I understand the path we’ve walked?
Lately Lord have I been too self-absorbed
Leaving You out, been way too self-centered?
Wanting and doing are not the same thing
And I just need to know am I worshipping The King?
Have I met with You in solitude
Asked You to check my head, heart and mood?
Lately Lord just what have I done
To point others to Father, Spirit and Son?
          d.f.a.v. 3-12-14

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