Gratitude from the Cottage by the Sea

Abba Father,
The door to my “secret room” is open
My sins, my flaws, weaknesses exposed
But I’ve prayed about them before
These things I hide You already know.
I didn’t come to our seaside abode
To pray over things or past hurts
I come here today to say thank you
For the way Your Spirit within me works.
Let me express my gratitude
For Your daily protection and strength
Your provisions and Your guidance
Have added tremendously to my days in length.
Your love for me is so vital
It’s grace, it’s peace, it’s joy
It heals my deepest hurts and anguish
More comforting than a child’s treasured toy.
I take so much, too much, for granted
Show so little gratitude in turn
How pitiful the time I take to express
Thanks for Your love within that burns.
For people loving me beyond measure
When I’ve deserved it the least
They’ve stepped up and loved me like You
When I’ve been much like a beast.
I’m ashamed of the times I forget
To say thank You for them too,
Its weak and its even foolish
To forget one’s truest of true.
Lord Your blessings upon me can’t be numbered
Like the grains of sand on the beach
Your love that covers me keeps growing,
Keeping them all within my grasping reach.
Let me take the time say You
Thank You Abba for blessings abound
Thank You for this moment right now
For being lost now being found.
Thank You Abba Father, thank You
No expression will ever be enough
For the blessings always around me
As beautiful as the sand and surf.
d.f.a.v. 3-10-14

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