Cottage by the Sea at 1:56 a.m.

Dear Abba!
Can we sit here?  Together.
Do You ever feel this way?
Plain ole’ washed out and tired.
Once every million days?

This body of mine?  Hurting.
I know You know that.
I just need to say it anyway.
A need to state the fact.

My heart burdened.  Needless.
I have You and prayer.
No other resource works so well.
I need sweet, sweet prayer.

But I also have Your Spirit.
It dwells with in me.  Thank you.
Can we just sit here?  Silent.
Can I lean on You?

Close my eyes, let go?
Will You bind up my wounds?
Restore my mournful soul?
Regive to me Your sound?

Ease my troubled mind
Takes much to bear this all
With me not understanding
I feel so really small.
Here’s where I want to be.
Must be.  To be truly free
Quiet in Your presence
From our Cottage by the Sea.
         d.f.a.v. 3-7-14
Take time to have time with God,

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