Happy Birthday Alex


My sweet nephew Alex turns 20 today
His birth is the only live birth I’ve seen,
He has less than five percent of his brain stem
Doctor’s shake their heads in disbelief
     he shouldn’t be alive
     how is it he’s alive
     what keeps him alive?
Doctor’s are great but not God
Alex, you have a purpose, but not only in their medical journals,
In the fabric of our family, our lives
Sweet young man you were meant to be–
     smiling always
     loving always
     always always.
You are such a charming fellow,
Seeming to flirt with nurses from your bed,
All the hours of monitors bleeping
I remember when you slept tucked under my chin–
     sick little boy
     loved little boy
     sweet little boy.
All the doctor’s dire predictions
They come back to haunt us
You’re frozen in developmental time
Meningitis robbed you robbed us
     of certain things
     of “normal” things
     but not all things.
Happy birthday miracle child
Thank you for showing us how little can be enough
We waste our big old brains
That love is understood on a level we cannot fathom–
     God loves you
     Mom loves you
     Your dad’s love you
     Your sisters love you
     I love you
     Your whole family loves you.
Happy, Happy, Happy 20th birthday Alex!
          d.f.a.v 3-5-14

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