Run Home

The game was in overtime
The players were tired
Coaches still pushed for a win
Hopes were high could it be done again?
This team could do it
They were the boys
And then…
Coach looked at his list
Had to be someone who rarely missed
But could it really be true?
Yet next in the line-up
Was their weakest of players
And then…
The crowd held their breath
Teammates cursed the fates
A victory depended on him?
He picked up his bat
Took his stance at home plate
Ball came whistling
And then…
With unusual strength
Amazing beauty and grace
He swung, “smack”, ball contact
He flew by first and second
Feet touched third
He was flying for home
And then…
The hospital room grew quiet
His mother was crying
His dad shed tears of his own
“Go ahead Son, run for home!
“Run for home, there it’s safe,
There’s no better place.”
And then…
The mourners were weeping
Doctor’s shook weary heads
Hopes turned to why’s again
But in heaven waiting in place
With outstretched arms
Jesus waited as he
Flew towards home
And then…
The hometown team
Rejoiced in his ultimate win
He was home, he was safe,
Though gone from them
Up in heaven he raced
The bases he again
Home run!  He wins!
          d.f.a.v 3-3-14
To honor every child whose lives have been claimed by terminal illnesses or accidents…The Game is dedicated. Not to make their journeys a “game”, the analogy I used was not used in disrespect.


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