Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 5:00 a.m.


Abba Father:
We stand in need of prayer Lord
Come by here today
Touch us with Your presence
Guide us in Your way.

A woman’s womb is empty
Where a baby began to grow
Nature righting something
Just what we do not know.

Yet her pain is in her heart Lord
Where the emptiness echoes
Heal her heart, mind and spirit
And physically as You know.

A man struggles with his lifestyle
Could he have been wrong
Was the different road he traveled
The unwise one all along?

He wrestles with his conscience
He ponders what was, is, could be
I think he’s tired of running
What is the truth he sees?

In a hospital in Tennessee
A surgery has gone bad
Now a young man slips away
His sobbing wife so sad.

His brain is dead say doctors
Let him go in dignity
But their time was so short
The months add just to three.

A country was at war within
Not even a week ago
Now peace is fragile
Is it just for “show”?

The people there are weary
Trust is shattered in the street
Who will prove to be the leader
Will it be You they seek?

Come by here Lord
We are in need of You
Come by here Lord
Guide us in what to do.

We stand in need of prayer Lord
Come by here and stay
Come by here Lord
Come by here today.
d.f.a.v. 2-27-2014


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