Maker of the Mirror

Photo property of K. A. Valentine.
Not to be used without permission.

Seeing oneself in a mirror of sorts
One that warps and often distorts
Tells you only one piece of the story
That fills you with fret and worry.
The you seen in this candid video
Makes you feel you’ve no where to go
Like you’re made to stay in your place
World assigned position and space.
Why does it matter so much
What is it they’re afraid to touch?
Does anyone truly, really think
That everyone’s breath doesn’t stink?
So someone’s not a size two or four
Why do those numbers open the door?
An awful truth and scary part of reality
A piece from which too few are free.
A man with features are out of proportion
But that’s what the world deems important.
The source of a mirror shouldn’t be
Composed of what the world tells one to see,
Should be made of God’s view instead
Then one won’t be mistaken or misled.
For God is seeing the you in your heart
If only the world could be that smart!
But one should hold their heads high
Look the naysayers right in the eye
There’s nothing wrong with God’s creation,
Mankind’s the one with the misconceptions
Beware what comprises the mirror you use
Who makes the mirror you choose?
                        d.f.a.v. 1/19/14


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