I Am

Artwork original to author/artist. All rights reserved. Not to be reused without permission.

The names for God seem endless

His characteristics much the same

But when Moses asked God who shall

    I say sends me

God spoke a two word, three letter name –

    I AM.

In this name is infinity eternal

A name of being and of once was

A name of strength of conviction

Name that is Him and all He does –

    I AM.

God called Himself “I Have Been”

Since a point whose beginning is not known

There at the start and even before

Way before creation began to grow –

    I AM.


God called Himself “I Will Be”

No end no lapse no stop no pause

Never ending He is who He is

Always now always tomorrow because

    I AM.


    I WILL BE.

-Donna (a.k.a. Faye)

2 thoughts on “I Am

  1. To really grasp the meaning of Yahweh (I Am)…. we have to cease looking at God in linear (chronological) time and see him in what the Greeks called KAIROLOGY (The state of TIMELESSNESS – ETERNITY).
    Yahweh is in a state of forever and at once existence where time has no meaning. The foundational, even quantum understanding of this makes the saving value of the death and resurrection of Christ for those who lived at the time, those who lived by faith before and for those who live by faith since.
    John understood this quality at some level. His Gospel of Christ is filled with quantitative statements of the KINGDOM OF GOD. The Kingdom of God is both future and present. Jesus is quoted as saying, “The time shall come and now is…” throughout the Gospel of John. “The Kingdom of God is coming and IS upon you (already).

    The Apostle Paul also touches on this in his death, resurrection and return of Christ commentary. It makes death of the flesh and the release unto eternal life immediate. We are transformed in the “twinkling of an eye” as we are released from this flesh into the eternal state of being… an existence where CHRONOLOGICAL TIME has no meaning. Thus upon our deaths, while our bodies wait for the resurrection, our souls translated already to a kairological (eternal) state, stand already at the DAY OF JUDGMENT and the resurrection.

    To grasp this concept, we have to understand that ETERNITY has no CHRONOLOGICAL meaning. IT IS… THE STATE OF BEING.

    When Yahweh says to Moses, I AM…. he is not making a chronological value statement. He is saying… I AM THE ONE WHO IS!

    Great post!


    • This was a topic we discussed briefly in Sunday School yesterday. In my mind I could see “it”, how I AM stretched forever in each direction, never ending, just ALWAYS.

      Thanks for your contribution my friend. Your additional knowledge helped me begin to even better understand I AM.


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