Waves of Mercy


Awakened abruptly to waves pounding me
Try as I might I cannot hear the surf.


There are rip-tides sucking me in
Danger as I am torn away from the wharf.


Icy shards of frozen sea cut deep
Ice glued eye lids so I cannot see


Slammed against the reefs repeatedly
Pain dear Abba, it feels as if it will take me.

An abyss–

My lips are numb, glued so tightly shut
Speech is lost in pain’s cruel hurricane


Silence, awful silence in this dreadful storm
My soul cries out for mercy from the crushing pain

I plea–

A wave of grace washes over me
Waters surround me with unearned mercy


Though I hear no words Your hands I see
Lifting me safely to the shore at last


The pain lessens after seventy-two hours
Waves lap gentle as pain becomes past

Silence still–

In Your hands nail scars remind me
Of the lies spoken the evil unloaded

No mercy–

The murderer freed the innocent slain
I see in my heart the scene unfolded

No mercy–

The whip lashes, the thorns drill in
The crossbar is heavy on torn skin

No mercy…

Spikes hammered into a human being
A God of love, a man of no sin…

No mercy…

“Father forgive them they don’t know what they do.”
As You hang between earth and sky

No mercy–

“It is finished” at last You say these words
Heaven reacts as for my sins You die…

Your mercy?–

Thunder crackles when skies grow dark
The veil splits as Your sacrifice is given

No mercy…

Who am I to complain, wail and whine?
Thanks to Christ I am truly living

By mercy–

There was silence once in the waves of pain
Now awash with the sound of angel wings

Sweet mercy–

Though denied Yourself You give to me
Mercy and grace that so sweetly sing

Sweet mercy–

An empty tomb with grave cloths set aside
The angel rolls the stone easily aside

Sweet mercy–

The women see Your body is gone
You send them to the others locked inside–

Sweet mercy–

Your mercy?–

Sweet mercy.

d.f.a.v. 1-8-14
a.k.a. Faye

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