Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 1-1-2014


Abba Father,

Time has swiftly passed us all on by

The sun has rose up in morning skies

The moon has shone on nightly tides

Time has marched never to subside

Until the day You say,

“Go bring my people home today.”

That moment comes we know not when

While we go through life in hurried spin

Oh Father help us to remember now

Our promises, our oaths, our vows

Remind us of our mission from Your Word

Introduce all to Jesus Christ our Lord.

Forgive me Father for wrongs I’ve done

People I’ve hurt, works left unsung

For the times I’ve strayed far away

Searching for what I cannot even say

Except that it was not best for me,

    Woe the times I did not heed.

Before me Lord a brand new day

Another chance to follow Your way

Put behind me this selfish child

To serve my Savior, strong, meek & mild

In this year 2014 I plea there be

    More of You and far, far less of me.

Thank You for the blessings of

The year whose door softly thuds

For love, laughter, family, friends

For Your faithfulness that never ends

    For always holding to my hand.

Yes Dear Abba I do indeed pray

That from henceforth, from this day

I remember that to serve You best

More of You and less of me, much less

Until the day You call me home

    Let me from You not to roam.

For others Lord I also bow to ask

Strength for the journey, courage the task

Let our hands hold onto the plow

Never looking back nor fearing how

But trusting in Your loving grace

    Until we see You face-to-face.


            -d.f.a.v. 1-1-2014


Here’s to the New Year 2014!



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