Why America Needs a Phil Robertson

Photo from Duck Dynasty Quotes Facebook page, photo credit unknown.

He sports a beard at least a foot plus long, according to GQ he has severe bunions on his big toes and his wardrobe consists of camouflage, camouflage and white tee-shirts.  Fashionable in the swamps and woods of Louisiana but not in the halls and offices of local, state or federal government.

He has a degree from Louisiana Tech in education and is a former teacher in a private Christian school.  Underestimating his intelligence is a mistake. Even if when he speaks he has the ability to say exactly what needs to be said without a load of twenty dollars words to say it though the language may be coarse, don’t think of him as lacking in the ability to understand the twenty dollar words.  

A&E made that mistake.  Robertson, one of the stars of Duck Dynasty A&E’s blockbuster semi-reality television show, has never been shy about sharing his religious views. Despite knowing Robertson’s views on “controversial” issues such as homosexuality, they asked him to do a interview on his home turf with GQ magazine.  When said interview yielded quotes from Robinson that are so far from being politically correct they seem unbelievable A&E acts surprised and shocked. Reacting quickly with a knee-jerk reaction they suspend Robertson for an undetermined time frame and the fallout continues.

American’s have flocked to Robinson’s defense. Both those who agree with his beliefs and those who don’t but do believe he has the right to freely express them.

Why this strong response? Why are American’s reacting like a mama bear whose cubs have been attacked? Because, as a nation overall it’s my belief we NEED Robertson. 

People like knowing what you see is what you get, no chance fame or fortune will reveal a different person entirely. After all, money hasn’t changed Phil Robertson.  People clamoring for his attention, for a sound bite or a photo hasn’t been a pleasant burden but one he has bore.  Robertson’s refusal to cower to executive big wigs, the powerful media or lobbying groups is refreshing.  So impressed are we that we sign petitions demanding justice. We start clamoring for Phil Robertson to run for president. President of the United States in the 2016 campaign.

Can’t deny we need a person with Robertson’s solid, unshakeable belief in the Bible and God in the Oval Office. Can’t deny we’ve not had a candidate we could wholeheartedly support like Robertson in decades. Can’t deny the images that come to mind of Robertson in the Oval Office, Miss Kay in the kitchen teaching the chef how to cook like a pioneer and life in the White House aren’t amusing. But it would be a grave disservice to Robertson.

What appeals to the average Joe and Jane is Robertson’s realness. Take the man from his beloved swamps and woods and he is not happy, happy, happy. Force such a drastic change upon Robertson and he would rebel. It would be like caging a wild bird and clipping its wings.

But we want Robertson in charge. Or someone like him. Someone unafraid of speaking and campaigning for a America more like yesteryear. Don’t we?

Yes and no. We have to remember we’ve opened Pandora’s box and we can’t force what has escaped back inside. Fixing America’s problems isn’t a job for someone with no political ambition to be elected. It isn’t for those who would lose such a huge part of themselves to serve they would cease being who and what they are. And the past prepares us for the future but it isn’t the future nor the present.

I respect Phil Robertson. I would love to see him in the White House. But it would be the wrong thing, I think, to put Robertson in such a position. He doesn’t want it.

Somewhere in America though is a person who has Robertson’s candor, firm and unshakable faith in God and ability to deliver the changes we want in America. Stand up our friend and walk on.


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