Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea-Merry Christmas


Abba Father,
O gracious Lord of Heaven and Earth
Hear my prayer,

Not for the gifts we want beneath our tree,
Not for riches, wealth or anything
Just for this days purpose, let it be.

Inspire us to do the giving,
To give to them is to give to You
Unfurl for us the joy of living,

Silence not the hymn we sing
Increase our joyful noise tenfold
Hold not the bells, let them ring.

Take us to Bethlehem past
When upon a manger bed
The Messiah lay at last.

Surround us that we choose to love
No bitterness we choose to drink
Your peace light on us like doves.

Not just one night, not just one day
O Abba here You among us dwell
May our hearts hear what You say.

So much is true and so much wrong
The souls of mankind are at stake
To You or Satan do we each belong?

Hear my prayer my pleas increase
At Christmas Lord You should be everywhere
Within us all Your spirit increase.

Christmas and Easter come once a year
Lord fuel our desire to be like You
To speak Your truth without any fear.

The path to Heaven is narrow and straight
From it we do so often stray
But draw us back before it’s too late.

Give us backbone, increase our trust
May we stand for You regardless of
The cost in things that rot and rust.

On this Christmas Eve and Day 2013
Bless us with Your light and strength
For in You Abba we have everything.

May our celebration of Your birthday
Be one of worship, prayer and song
The world see at last in us the Way,

A path defined and centuries old
Not for comforts, to be safe from flames
But for the God, the I Am, all foretold.

In us Abba let the world read on
Find their way one by one by one
Be no more Your children slyly conned.


d.f.a.v. 12-24-13

It is cold and getting colder by the Sea. Rolling out onto the deck briefly the cold saps my strength so I decided to stay instead in “my nest” by the window looking over the horizon.

Here in the Cottage by the Sea, the place for just Jesus and me, we’ve left behind the decorations mainly. Only a driftwood nativity and candles. Simple. Sincere. Uncluttered.

Holidays or not I have much on my heart and mind unrelated to celebrations and gatherings. The older I get the quieter and simpler I want my Christmas.

Take a break from whatever distractions you have and find time to really connect with the Messiah, Immanuel, Savior, King, our comfort and our peace.

May God help you observe these two days in His grace and power!

God bless you!

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