A Message in the Season


Heaven’s robes swept aside
In swaddling clothes to first abide,
Streets of gold beneath His feet
Became instead miles of dust and heat.
Praise of Heaven traded for a cry of “Crucify”!
As it was to Calvary He would arrive.
Address then the “right hand of God”
Then a manger for a baby’s sleepy nod.
Angels worshipping the Holy Deity
Shepherds faces the God as man appease.
Clean, bright and beautiful surrounds
Replaced by the rough stable Joseph found,
Why would God do such an unthinkable thing?
To bridge a gap, to close the ring.
To do for us what we could not
To rid our souls of all dark blots,
To bring God to the Gentile world
A ray of hope and love afford.
Remind us all in the Fall of Man
Even then God knew and had a plan.
Redemption came at quite a hard price
The life blood of one Jesus Christ.
The mantle of a Heavenly King
Cast aside as He gave everything,
Come let us worship this Holy One
Whose work in us is never done.
               -d.f.a.v. 12-22-13

Come!  Let us Adore Him!

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