No Use For


Brother Christian went to lunch

At the local eatery in town

When a bearded man walked up

Standing there looking down.
Uninvited by anyone
The bearded man looked in contempt
At Bro. Christian sitting there
The man said. “This is what I think.”


“I have no use for hypocrites

Have no use for liars

Have no use for sermons

Warning of some final hour.


Have no use for crutches

Have no use for being weak

Have no use for “godly” folks

Nor the double life they speak.


Have no use for ole’ time religion

Have no use for television shame

Have no use for being judged

By those who are missing in their aim.


Have no use for hand waving

Have no use for drooping songs

Have no use for two-faced folks

Telling me it is me that’s wrong.


Have no use for those in adultery

Have no use for cheating thieves

Have no use for anyone

Who bullies, jeers and tease.”


When the man’s statement ended

When Bro. Christian drew a breath

When everyone in the place believed

Bro. Christian’s rebuttal was in death,


When Bro. Christian agreed with him

When no excuses tried to run the race

When Bro. Christian simply told the man

“Yes, we have all that in our place.”


The man stood there in disbelief

The man’s mouth fell open too

The man was in such shock

He said, “I’d like to talk to you.”


Bro. Christian spoke of God’s great grace

Of Calvary, death and empty tomb

He explained about spiritual growth

How salvation was much like a womb.


“Most of us don’t have it right

Most of us don’t understand

Most of us are all you said

But we’re headed for Gloryland.


We join by faith God’s church

We try to offer supporting hands

We all must truthfully acknowledge

That we are often out of God’s plans.”


The man got up to leave right then

The man said not another word

The man just seemed to disappear

Not another word was heard.


In the congregation Sunday morning

In the shock of the stunned crowd

In humbleness the man knelt down

Saying, “Lord, I’ve been too proud”.


He rose at last to silence

He rose to find tears in many eyes

He rose understanding Jesus’ sacrifice

And at last he understood the why’s.


Why that none of us are perfect

Why none of us are without sin

Why none of us are righteous

Why we are all fallen men.


Why in the church on Sunday morning

Why in the shops of everyday

Why in the schools and businesses

God’s people try to find a way.


A way to walk upright in this life

A way to not bring God shame

A way to learn to listen

To the God who called our name.

    d.f.a.v. 12-17-13


Not perfect, but still trying!





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