From the Cottage by the Sea 12-13-12


Pages in the prayer journal are covered
With the pouring out of my soul
Reading Your Word pricks at my heart
Reminding me who and what is my goal.
People whose hearts are so broken
Their dreams crashed and burned,
Those whose needs are the deepest among us
Those scarred who had tough lessons learned.
Hearts missing the presence of Jesus
Souls sinking deep in the muck
Bodies lay wasted by their chosen poison
Cries come from the souls of those stuck.
The world gives us all nothing but worry
The peace great men promised has ran
These prayers are offered with fever
For these who needs are in ,Your hand.
It seems like the tide could be turning
No doubt but You hear our prayers
A little loosening of Satan’s hold
Lord You are close because You care.
This prayer also says ‘Thank You’
For every blessing You’ve bestowed
You know the needs of all on my heart
It is Your light that so steadily glows.
Call out the names of these children
The ones who need to know You
Work in their lives, set them aside
For miracles only You, Holy God, can do.
d,f.a.v. 12-12-13

Prayers for those needing Jesus,

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