No Wishes


Dear Abba:
There are fewer items on my list each year
For the older that I grow I see
There are fewer possessions I wish to own
A different type of person I want to be.

Peace at last across every land
No more fighting, no wars, no complaints.
End evil’s grip on us completely
Let Satan’s presence grow worn and faint,

An end to hunger across the planet
An end to homelessness too
Leave out threadbare clothes as well
Yes, ending poverty will surely do.

No one outside looking in anymore
A longing to belong visible in their eyes
No balled up fists that pound away
At someone’s dignity and their pride.

An end to all types of abuse
The cruelty of human to all kind
Let no one else have to die needlessly
For this life we cannot rewind.

Eradicate disease of every type
Give to all sound bodies, hearts and minds,
Oh bring the gifts of gratitude
On Your scripture let us thoroughly dine.

Beneath my tree a box of love
Upon the hearth a meal of truth
Inside my heart Your touch my Lord
Nothing else could ever truly do.

Wealth, gold, silver or precious stones
Are things I do not ask from You
Just walk with me every night and day
And help me to walk with You too.

This is my grown-up Christmas list
For I know You truly understand
Material goods and possessions
Tie me only to this earthly land,

When I long to see at last, sweet last
The gates at Heaven’s shore
Then the face of Jesus Christ
With whom I will reside forevermore,

Until then Abba Father hear this prayer
Grant everything Your will permits
Keep within our hearts and souls
The flame Your love has lit.

This is my prayer not mere wishes,


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