Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea 11:56 a.m.



Abba Father,

The sea is churning and seems angry this morning Lord.

I see far as my eyes let me and all I see are dark waters

Storm clouds low and heavy over the waves

These same waves will soon swamp over the coastline

Slam into the cliffs and foam will fly into the howling winds.

The wind gusts are freezing and harsh

Quickly numbing you, so violent, so unforgiving.

The piers are creaking and groaning though unheard

As the storm erupts around and over them.

I’m thankful to be tucked inside our cottage

Thankful the walls are thick and the heat is going,

Thankful for the cup of coffee in my hand,

Your Word open beside me, my heart open to You.

Sometimes my life seems like the sea this morning.

As far as I can see there are storms blowing in

Waves are racing wickedly toward me

I’m moaning and groaning like the unheard piers

But I know You hear me, You know I am there.

Unlike the piers or homes with shaky foundations

I pray my faith will withstand this storm,

It has others, close in around me, shield me.

Wrapped in Your love even if the storm consumes me

I will live on, I cannot lose eternity with You.

Somewhere beyond what my eyes can see Lord

The sun shines,

The water is playful,

The dolphins are chasing one another,

Seagulls are diving and calling,

Waves are lapping toward the coastline

And this storm here now, it too will pass, blow over.

I am willing to do what You need me to do.

I am willing to go where You need me to go.

I am willing and do surrender whatever I need to.

Let me praise You though this storm rages around me.

Through this too, You will provide.



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