Gifts to Sum up a Life


The Wise Men brought gifts to Jesus
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
To symbolism His Kingship, priestship, and His death.
What actually became of those gifts
Only a chosen few were allowed to know.
Yet the integrity of Joseph and Mary
Tell me they weren’t used to show.
Those gifts however were a shadow
Of all His life to come
No chance He could turn from them
When He willingly went to soldiers “Come”.
Somehow the tradition began
Of giving and receiving gifts
Meant as a remembrance
Of those Wise Men’s gifts to Him.
If we, like they, had one chance to give
Jesus only one timeless gift
That would symbolize His life
And the bridge He provides for the rift
That loss of God that aches in us
Until we say, “God, Your will not mine”.
The resurrection morning’s dawn
When He returns the second time.
I have no gold you say
No Myrrh nor Frankincense
No weapons I could give to Him
To tear down Satan’s fence.
Yet His Word says to us
“What you do for the least you do for me”
So perhaps in loving Him by loving them
We’ll find the gifts we cannot see.
All the gifts of Christmas past
Like ghosts in Dicken’s book
Mean little if anything at all
Until Jesus smiles when He takes a look.

God bless you on this Christmas
Not with wealth or fancy things
But with the sweet assurance
God can, does and will use everything.
d.f.a.v. 12-5-13

Merry Christmas Y’all!

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