Lyrics from Today


All the lovely Christmas hymns
The ones we love to sing
Would surely be much different
With today’s modern ring.
No “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear”
With skies fogged with smog and lights
No “O Little Town of Bethlehem”
For it is no small town tonight.
“Away in a Manger” would not be
For no mangers are in sight.
“What Child is This” never be heard
It just would not be right.
“O Holy Night” never be penned
No soul to feel it’s worth
“Silent Night” downright impossible
With all the noise on this earth.
“Silver Bells” never to ring,
No shepherds to watch their sheep
“Go Tell it on the Mountain”
Postponed so all could sleep.
We’d sing instead “Look What I Got”
Hum to “Foreign Ambassadors Arrive”
The tune set forth “My Ship Came In”
Or “On Black Friday I did Dive”.
I love instead the Christmas songs
The ones in church we sing
May “O Come All Ye Faithful” always be
A song that makes my heart ring.
      -d.f.a.v. 12-3-13

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