Only by Amazing Grace

No better off, no better woman than any other

Just a woman trusting in the Lord,

My life’s no prize, God knows, trust me, I sin

And oh the raging water’s I’ve had to ford.

Sorry to say I don’t usually do right

No matter my intentions or what I want to do

Seems like to me I mess it up, always

Though I’ve promised to Jesus to be true.

When it comes to comparing me to others

The world tells me I’m not as bad as some

And that I’m way worse than the saints

Yet one day God is going to call me home.

Before the Lord Jesus I’ll face my life

I’ll see through His eyes how wicked I am

I’ll learn just how little I’ve done for Him

He’d be just in my face to door to slam;

Yet though I’ve no doubt and won’t deny

There are times I am nothing but a hypocrite

Times when my sins mount higher than any

When at His feet I’m unworthy to sit,

One thing redeems me, one thing to which I cling

Jesus came to this earth and cruelly died

Then He rose again in defeat of death

Though evil had Him brutally crucified

And with grace so amazing, grace so sweet

He has lifted me out of my life’s disgrace

Undeserving then and undeserving still

Jesus saved me by His precious amazing grace.

So utter your observations, jeer if you want

Call me crazy, tell me I’m weak, needing a crutch

Point out my failures, all the times I fall

But don’t forget I tell you this much,

God loves you, God loves me, and no doubt it’s true

Call me and all the others all the labels you will

There’s a hole in your heart God’s perfect size

By no other grace than amazing it’s a hole He’ll fill.

        d.f.a.v. 11/18/13


I think a perfect church sign would read, “You’re right. We’re hypocrites, sinners, liars and thieves and worse. No perfect members wanted, only those humble enough to admit what they are before God.”


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