Prayer from the Cottage by the Sea for Veteran’s


Abba Father:
You are Holy and not to be considered lightly.  Each morning when I wake I awaken to a way of life that I have given so little to be blessed with.  Living here, in the United States of America, I am allowed the privilege to seek and worship You as I see fit. I can pursue happiness. I can know liberty. I can live my life based upon Your Word.

Thank You for this tremendous blessing Lord.

Thank You for a flag that still waves over a land of free and courageous individuals.

Thank You Abba for the men, the women and their families, who have given their lives to protect America’s boarders and our interests on soils foreign and domestic.

Thank You Lord for those Veterans who have laid down their lives for America.

Thank You for the men who believed so strongly in a new world with a government of the people and by the people that they stood against tyranny and won our freedom,

Thank You for each person who has served in our military during times of peace, war and unrest.  Thank You that they still stand in a ring of green, brown, blue and white around us even at this hour.  Thank You Lord for our Veterans. 

Humble us as a nation Abba and call us again to have no other god but You, the I Am.

Bless each Veteran in the way You have in meeting their needs.


Thank you Veterans!  Well done!  Well done!

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