No Unwanted Children, Just Unfound Families


“There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.”  Somehow, I believe the 78 children in Alabama waiting for adoption might disagree with that slogan.  Especially since they are all no longer babies, toddlers or young children.  Of the 78, 35 are siblings, which automatically places them in the special needs category and makes adoption placement hard.

People want to adopt babies or toddlers, not older children.  From experience I can tell you that a lot of that want is rooted in a fear of bonding not occurring with a child who can remember their biological parents.

It can be hard when a child remembers their biological parents, again I speak from experience.  Initially we dealt with anger and self-worth issues as realities of our daughters home life prior to living with us was revealed in play therapy.   As she has gotten older she no longer remembers the bad times.  But she adamantly refuses to speak to her biological mother.  The father has never been in her life.

Adoption is fantastic when the right child and the right family are matched up.  Kids are available for adoption, perhaps as couples considering adoption you could expand your want list to include an older child or even a sibling group?

The national non- profit group Children Awaiting Placement over the last 40 year’s has helped make 6000 adoptions a reality per their web site.  Personally I think that number is way to low!

If you’re considering adoption you can start with the Department of Human Resouces or Children’s Welfare Offices near you.  Adoption in the United States is possible.

Are you the right family for a child?


3 thoughts on “No Unwanted Children, Just Unfound Families

  1. Donna, I wrote about adoption in A Hometown Fourth of July. My husband’s oldest brother was adopted and he was a very special man. We received the Lord just nine months before he passed on. PTL.


    • The stories of these children will break your heart. If everyone financially, emotionally and spirituality capable would adopt one child or one sibling group it would be a wonderful solution.

      I read your book and enjoyed how you didn’t ignore the need someone can have to know information.


    • I read your book and appreciated the viewpoint you wrote from. It is heartbreaking to imagine these 78 aging out of the system without family support. If eligible homes would just adopt one or one sibling group we could have a solution to the problem. Then the slogan would be truer for all those children.


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